Hefty on place 5!!

great to see that Hefty`s long player „manufactured terror“ is climbing up to place 5 at Beatport HT album charts ! Thnx techno dudes all over the world for supporting us, keep it pushing and we love you all!!

Hefty returns to Ragnarøk!

Global tensions escalate, threat levels are raised and fears are hightened.........its only logical that in these dark times that Hefty also increases the tension, threat and fear in his music.

Booking Sektion

Liebe Fans, Freunde & Veranstalter,
Unsere Artist Crew wächst kontinuierlich, unser neuester Zugang heißt Kai Pattenberg und ist sicher vielen von Euch ein Name.
Sicher habt Ihr schon einmal ein RAG Showcase in Eurer Nähe mitbekommen bzw habt von einem gehört.

We DID IT, we are Nr. 1 !!!!!

Thnx Dario Sorano & Darmec for this great Piece of Functional Techno without compromises.
Ragnarøk is proud to have brought you on board !

Holger Nielson DeKai say THNX to all our supporters let´s keep it going.

thnx also to Dig Dis (Digital Distribution)

We are Creatures of Dark Techno!!

Ragnarøk X Neverland in der Ritter Butzke

Der zweite Teil unserer Coop mit Neverland in der Ritter Butzke :)


DJ Emerson // Micro.fon / DISTRICT4
Hubertus Schacht // Samuvar
Tom Marten // Ragnarøk
Holger Nielson // Ragnarøk / District4
DeKai // Ragnarøk / Geheimclub Magdeburg

Neverland Lineup: