Berto got into the Scene with 15 Years by Friends.
He began to love this culture.
In this year he also started producing his own Sound.
At the Age of 16 he bought his first Controller and started to record some Sets and played infront of People at his local Sector.
2018 he get into the Labelgroup "ZuVielBock" to his friends.
One Year later he released his first EP, at this point he produced very much and got much better with every Track.
In the Year 2020 he releases many EP's on Label's like Ragnarøk Berlin, DEXIT Records, Klangrecords, Wicked Waves Recordings or Finder Records.
2021 he released his first Album called "Valhalla" with his Friend Chris Fleischer on Ragnarøk Berlin, which also was the Welcome-Call for the Ragnarøk Booking Rooster.