Chris Fleischer


Chris Fleischer discovered electronic music by the age of 16 but really deepened into techno music in 2014. A year later he bought his first equipment and began to build his DJ career. From the very beginning on he found himself in underground dark techno and played music by artists such as: Darmec, Dario Sorano, Jan Fleck, Cortechs and so on. In the years after he was given oppurtunities to play in a small club for several times where he could show his unique sound. These club nights had become more popular and his name got well-known to the audience and intertwined with techno. Due to this he received great deals of invitations to different clubs and events in Germany over the years. The next step in Chris Fleischer’s musical journey - after months of planning – was the launch of his own label with two friends in 2017 called Zu Viel Bock. The main idea of the label is to deliver uncompromising, unique and quality techno. With the label they also started to create their own parties with well known bookings. Because of that they gained much success and fame in the south of Germany. After spending three years behind the decks he started to work on his own tracks and got his first release in December 2019 on Oxytech. In subsequent years Chris Fleischer‘s name became well known in the international scene and came out at influential labels such as: Ragnarøk, Dreizehn Schallplatten, Wicked Waves or Dolma Records. 2021 he released his first outstanding Album called "Valhalla" with his friend Berto (DE) on Ragnarøk Berlin and they straightly landed in the Techno (Peak-Time) Top 100 Releases and in the global Beatport charts. Finally this was the call for him to be part of the Ragnarøk Berlin label. His music is mostly driving and darker but at the same time raw, energetic and powerful with strong basslines and pounding grooves. It's definitely worth to pay attention to Chris Fleischer’s work in the future.