Brain Dead


Hefty's latest release on the infamous Ragnarok label is the darkest affair yet. Punctuated by a series of slick bass lines and featuring the trademark weave of hard-hitting kicks and hypnotising synths, the EP is a fearless venture into the depths of techno that pushes the sonic limits to their fullest.

With the outset Hefty engages with a deep, rolling sound layered with a shattering vibe that carries through its momentum to the entirety of the tracks. In classic Hefty fashion, no sooner is the mood set than it is vigorously reinvented, with each of the succeeding tracks presenting their own take on the pitch-black scented theme.

As always, the EP closes in a hectic cacophany of sounds that vexes in all the best ways, and stays etched in your mind long after the last chords fade. In one phrase, this release is far heftier than its own shadow.