The Hunter


Noseda grows up in belgium by the electronic hotspot of belgium underground scene, He was infected by with the electronic music bug. Since then he develops into a pillar of modern deep & dark techno community. Noseda starts very young with keyboard and piano and soon he begins the experiment with hardware machines. Since then he is composing and producing with hardware and software, playing live set in clubs and festivals from ibiza to the most underground partys of northern Europe. Green Velvet has turned Noseda in one of that prestigious artist that has released on his label Relief. His tracks has been released on prestigious labels like Klang records, Hell yeah Black Leather Rec,Art Style Techno ,Darker Sounds, Hardwandler records , Subwoofer Records , Chauron Hybrid label. upcoming ep by Noseda with 2 DarkTechno tracks - Hunter sound realy heavy bassement techno with dark and evil background - Hell On earth - sound more deeper Darktechno with some wicked melodie and powerful kick and baseline and evil voice