Revenge is an EP best served loud, and what youll hear is a pulse pounding blacker-than-black soundscape of menacing bass lines, pulverising kicks and hellish atmospherics ripped from the clutches of Lucifer himself. Before youve had a chance to get your bearings, youll find yourself in the death grip of the titular track and on a descent to a mesmerising underworld via a trail of sonic destruction. No time at all is wasted as the beat jumps from driving to devastating, and reaches a groove layered with synths and sounds so ruthless youll wonder if youre the hunter or the hunted. At no point does the EP lose tempo as each track thereafter captures its own snapshot of the carnage, with Ritual Sacrifice delivering an eerie ambience flanked by some seriously catchy synths and loopy kicks that keep theme with the driving rhythms of the EP. Not to be outmatched and in typical Hefty fashion, Revenge ends on a high note as Snuff Films roughly textured beat and hypnotising mix of sounds both dark and dangerous hammer out a place in your subconscious where all three tracks will be on a continuous loop for days. A warning: Heftys Revenge EP is not for the faint of heart.