The combination of rolling baselines and mechanical sounds creates dark vibes and an atmosphere you can get lost in. (Synthetic Vibes) Hard and clear kicks, a friendly, yet clouded sound. At first peaceful, this track transforms into a storm of monotonous synthesizers. (Liquid Soul) The artful monotony continues and ends in pure aggression, deep bass, and the typical "four on the floor" sound. Best suited for dark and sweaty basements. (Rising Roughness) For the finale, a powerful melody with "24" claps tells a neverending and thumping story. (2,4 Deepness) Chris von B. is a DJ and producer who lives in Berlin. His roots, however, reach into the depths of the Ruhr Area, an important industrial location in Germany. Maybe that is why he likes his Techno dark, driven, and still a little playful. With his 4 track EP, he releases an album on Ragnark suited for every dancefloor crowd that likes Techno.